Green Point Rating

What is Green Point Rating:

Green Point Rating is a certification program developed by Build It Green. It was developed to meet the growing need of setting a standard to qualify a new home as sustainable / green.

Build it Green is a professional non profit membership organization who’s mission is to promote healthy energy and resource efficient building in California.

Green point rating is like a report card for new home construction.  It is based on 5 Categories

Energy Efficiency, Resource Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Water Conservation, Community

How does Green Point Rating Work

Build it Green trains and certifies independent “Raters” to perform the certification process. The process usually goes as follows:

  • Builder or project owner contracts with a Certified Green Point Rater to verify participating projects
  • The Rater works with the client to identify the targeted Green Point rated measures and submits  project planning score sheets and applications
  • The Rater conducts verification at various phases of the project
  • The Rater compiles documentation, calculates score and submits final results to client and to Build It Green for rating certificate

Who needs Green Point Rating

Currently Green Point Rating Certification will only apply to New Home Construction. Later this year there will certification standards for remodeling. Anyone who is interested in building a more efficient, comfortable, resource conserving home can benefit for a green point rating.

Green Point Rating is becoming a mandatory certification for new home construction in many municipalities around the state. In the Bay Area alone there are 16 municipalites that have some from of Green requirement. 

Where can I find a Green Point Rater

Right here! We are certified Green Point Raters and perform services between San Francisco to San Jose. Please click here to contact us.

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