Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is exactly as it sounds, a measure of the quality of air found inside your home. Homeowners are surprised to find that the air quality inside their home can be far worse than the air found outside.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency the air quality inside a new home can be 10 times more polluted than the out door air. Another study by the New England Journal of Medicine states that 40% of children will develop respiratory disease, in part due to the chemicals in their homes.

What is the cause of diminished indoor air quality:

Primarily it is caused by the off gassing of chemicals found in many of the commonly products in your home. The glue used to hold together certain quality of cabinets, countertops, shelving, etc. contains formaldehyde. This formaldehyde which is known as a human carcinogen can off-gas into a home for years.

Many other products such as paint, adhesives and floor finishes contain volatile organic compounds. These too contain harmful chemicals and can off-gas for years in your home.

Solutions include:

  • Proper ventilation is key
    • vent bath fans to the outside and/or put on a timer
    • Vent range/cooktop fans to outside
  • Replace wood burning fireplaces with EPS certified wood stoves or inserts
  • Use Low or no-VOC paint,
  • Avoid products with added formaldehyde
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